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Health Tips

Health Tips
Prevent Aging Here are simple steps to ward off aging and improve overall skin health: • Use sunscreen At age 50's, the signs of skin damage will appear as spots or brown spots. Since early, she needs to prevent skin damage by using sunscreen with an SPF content of 30. • Will not scratch the face We always feel tempted to scratch and pick scars acne or blackheads by hand. But keep in mind, you will leave scars on the facial scarring. Injury or blackheads should be in the extraction with the tool or the right skin care products. • Will not sleep without removing makeup Although filled with guilt every wake, women often had to sleep without cleansing your face from the remnants of makeup. As a result, the face susceptible to infections and acne, due to the make-up clog pores and cause irritation to the skin. • Healthy eating For healthy skin, should reduce the intake of processed foods and adding fatty acid-rich foods are not healthy. Dermatological experts say that fried foods and sugary foods cause acne prone skin • Drink more water Reduce drinking sodas and increase drinking water. To improve skin moisture. To stay moist, white water intake and drink several cups of herbal tea. • Simplify skin care You should avoid the use of treatments and beauty products is excessive. It's better if you know your skin type and skin needs. Visit a dermatologist to ascertain your skin type. • Stop smoking Although difficult to let go of the habit of smoking, you need to realize that smoking is detrimental to health of body and skin. Smokers were more dull skin and skin older than those who do not smoke.
Healthy Diet Program Here is how to program a healthy diet: • Determine the diet. Make a habit of eating only 2 to 3 times daily. And remember, eating is only when the stomach has been feeling hungry. • Do not eat too full. Stop eating before satiety and as much as possible to chew food properly in order to extract food more easily absorbed by the body. Thus the portion of food eaten would be reduced due to the chewing you will feel full faster than ever before. • Dispose of water regularly every day. If you are having problems with defecation difficulties should get treatment as soon as possible. Expand drink water or eat fruits that contain lots of fiber such as papaya and mango. • Exercise regularly. Perform regular exercise to burn calories as jogging, gymnastics, swimming and cycling. • Avoid snacking. To be successful diet, avoid eating and snacking at night because of the calories you eat because the body buried in the absence of calorie-burning activity. • Avoid habits that can make you gain weight for example by replacing the consumption of sugar is usually used with low-calorie sugar. • Do not perform the extreme of not eating at all in a day to lose weight. It is best to eat in small portions, which includes three nutrients the body needs and two snacks each day for a more efficient metabolism. • Perform regular, consistent and always motivate yourself that definitely can lose weight.
Influenza Prevent Attack Here is how to prevent an attack of influenza: • Always keep the immune system by taking enough vitamins, minerals and other nutrients, either through the fruit, vegetables as well as the official health supplement. • Drink mineralized water at least three liters per day. • Achieve a healthy lifestyle as always regular exercise and avoid the habit of staying up late. • Do not even any reason to suppress a sneeze, because it can potentially cause deafness. • If attacked by influenza should wear a mask, so as not to infect others and stay awake respiratory hygiene. Masks made his own cultivated and preferably should be better quality than those sold in the market.
Avoid Damage to Joints Due to Arthritis Here are tips to prevent joint damage from rheumatoid arthritis: • If joint pain, should be rested. Do not be forced to perform various activities, especially for lifting weights. • Protect your joints with the tool in case of injury, and provide reinforcement in tools to help the weak joints. • Maintain ideal body weight to keep it. Because obesity will cause excessive loading on the joints. • Exercise regularly, but advised not to push yourself to perform repetitive movements continuously without a break. • Maintain the pattern of food by eating healthy foods and low in fat, and rich in calcium. • In the event of a complaint to the joints should consult a doctor, for proper handling and treatment.
Free Healthy Vagina Whitish Here are tips for a healthy woman has a vagina that is free of whiteness: • Avoid vaginal washing with soap or other cleaning. • Avoid the use of talc in the female organs that sometimes she thinks her vagina for fragrant and dry throughout the day. Because the powder contains fine particles which easily slips and eventually will invite bacteria and fungi. • Use a dry underwear. If wet and humid, try to replace with a clean and unused. • outer clothing is also worth noting. Jeans or tight pants are not recommended because the pores are very tight. Choose non jeans skirt or pants for blood circulation to move freely around the area intimately. • When the menstrual period, often to change pads. • The children are encouraged to perform HPV immunization within 6 to 7 years.

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