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Overcome Constipation watercress and drive POISON

Kale originated and India, then spread to Malaysia, Burma, Indonesia, South China, Australia, and Africa. In China, kale wengcai known. In Europe, kale called swamp cabbage, water convovulus, or water spinach. While in Indonesia, kale can be found in almost all regions.
Kangkung creeping in mud and wet places, like on the edge of time, the marshes, or floating on the water. Generally, water spinach was found in the lowlands to 1,000 meters above sea level. Kangkung consists of two types, namely land and water spinach water spinach water that grow naturally in the rice fields, marshes, or ditches. The difference between land and water spinach water spinach water lies in flower color. Kangkung water reddish white flowering, whereas flowering kale pure white ground. Another difference in the shapes of leaves and stems. Water spinach and leafy trunked water is greater than ground water spinach. Stem color is also different.
Trunked water green water spinach, kale, while greenish-white ground. Other, custom seed. Kale seed more land than water spinach, water spinach that's why land propagated through seed, while the swamp water with the stem tip cuttings.
Kale can be made into various dishes, like stir-fry kale, spinach cah, or fresh vegetable. In addition, spinach is also efficacious as an anti-toxin and can treat various health problems.
Plant watercress into the group of plants miracle healer. Swamp Cabbage is considered as a repellent toxins and body. This plant is also used to cure constipation and medication for those who are on a diet. The root of watercress is also useful for treating hemorrhoids.
Kangkung it also has a very high benefit. That's because it contains vitamins A, B1, and C, also contains protein, calcium, phosphorus, iron, carotene, hentriakontan, sitosterol.


Pecan including herbs that are sought after because it gives benefits for life in addition to pelezat cuisine. Pecan is a plant used as a source of oil seeds and spices. The resulting oil and the seed is useful for the industry and used as a mixture of paint and is known as tung oil.
Beneath the surface of pecan meat-profile, saved a huge benefit for the hair. Hair care with natural ingredients and hazelnut make hair healthy, thick, and shiny. Seeds contained in it also has a protective layer and contain quite a lot of oil, allowing it to be used as a candle.
The benefits of other pecan is to:
1. Pecan is similar in taste and texture to the macadamia oil content and also has almost the same. Pecan slightly toxic when raw.
2. Pecan often used in Indonesian cuisine and Malaysian cuisine. In Java, hazelnut is also used as a thick sauce that is eaten with vegetables and rice.
3. Some parts and the plant is already used in traditional medicine in rural areas. The oil is used as an additive in hair care (to nourish hair.) Seeds can be used as a laxative. In Sumatra, the seeds were burned with charcoal, then smeared around the navel to cure diarrhea. In Java, the bark is used for diarrhea or dysentery.
4. In Hawaii, in ancient times, called kukui candle is burned to produce light. Pecan march arranged lengthwise on a palm leaf and then turned on one end, and will burn one after another every 15 minutes or more. It is also useful as a means of measuring time. For example, someone can ask others to return home before the second candle burned down.
5. Pecan can be burned and mixed with pasta and salt to make Hawaii unique seasoning called inamona is the main seasoning to make the traditional Hawaiian dishes.

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