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Do not underestimate the efficacy of a banana. In addition to being the most favorite of local and international athletes, because the filling but not fattening, bananas are also very beneficial for health and beauty.
The fruit is not only easy to digest, but also contains nine nutrient content and restore energy. Compared to other fruits, bananas are prone to be enjoyed because it does not need to be processed.
But to get the benefits, you need to carefully choose. Because only a ripe banana that can convert blood sugar into glucose naturally, as well as fast diabsorsi into the blood circulation.
The characteristics of a ripe banana, banana skin is yellowish green with brown or yellow spots. All content in ripe bananas, will provide some health benefits, especially for:
1. Power Source
Bananas can be digested easily, so that the sugar contained in it will be converted into a good energy source for the formation of the body, working muscles and also very nice to eliminate fatigue.
2. Pregnant Women
Women who were pregnant are encouraged to eat bananas, because they contain high folic acid are important for the perfection of the fetus, the formation of new cells and preventing birth defects occur.
3. Anemia Sufferers
The content of iron is quite high in bananas, can stimulate the production of hemoglobin in the blood for patients with anemia. Two bananas a day, very good for patients with anemia.
4. Mag Pain Sufferers
As a fruit that can be consumed directly, bananas do not irritate or damage to the intestine for patients with ulcer. Fruit noodles are often used to fight bowel disease, because the texture is soft.
5. Lever Disease Patients
For patients with liver, two bananas a day with the addition of one tablespoon of honey, be good to increase appetite and increase strength.
Brotowali treat rheumatism & Diabetes

Ever find brotowali plant? Yes, plant life with the creep at another plant that is often used as ingredients of traditional herbal medicine. Plants that stems and leaves bitter taste proved efficacious as a cure various kinds of diseases such as arthritis and diabetes.
Brotowali plants, often found in the yard as wild plants, many are deliberately planted as a living pharmacy of plants. Generally, these plants grow in hot, and stem growth could reach 2.5 m. The average size of plant stems and brotowali of your little finger, its properties around the stem to grow a pimple.
Brotowali plant parts and used as an herbal concoction that is the trunk. In addition to nutritious treat arthritis and diabetes, stem brotowali also believed to stimulate appetite in children.
To make herbal potions and stem brotowali enough to boil a piece of stem brotowali taste. Stem pieces are boiled with three cups of water until later to 1.5 cups of water. Water decoction is then drunk. To reduce the bitter taste, can add honey to taste. Especially for diabetes drugs, when boiling brotowali rod, mix well with a few leaves cat whiskers.

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